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Please tag Arielle in it regardless.

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haha i just got like 4 messages like this as well

haha i love my needy followers ok ok bbs its just loading il post it as soon as its up!

❝ Anonymous asked: Ur girlfriend is hot like wow how are people like that even real? U r bless by being pretty darn hot while being with someone pretty darn hot. U both in the same room could be as hot and dangerous as the sun. Wow. I'm not even mad I'm amazed. <3

haha i know right!

we are hot and dangerous - i like that

just finished editing a video about how to alleviate bottom dysphoria - should i post it now or tomorrow or later in the week? what do yall want ?

❝ Anonymous asked: Chase! I really want to read your thesis but I can't access it via the Concordia website... your picture shows up, along with a list of research interests, but when I click on "Papers" it says "Ooops! Link not Found!"

I haven’t posted it yet! I’m just waiting for it to be corrected and then I will post it :)

❝ Anonymous asked: What's your transition blog called?

thisshirtisontight ~

❝ Anonymous asked: How do you handle getting comments like that on your videos?? Cuz for me it's really really triggering and it makes me so scared that I'm actually a freak who's going against nature and everything like that. So like is there anything you think to help you justify your trans-ness to yourself after getting those messages?

honestly, i used to get angry at the hate but now all i can think is “wow, thank you so much for that extra view on my video and commenting haha who has time for this?” like literally my videos are like 10 mins lately can you imagine this guy sitting at his computer for 10 minutes getting SO mad at my video - this makes me laugh hard core because legit WHO HAS TIME! haha

don’t listen to these people, they are trolls or just lonely people with nothing to do, they legit have no say in who you are!

frequently asked questions.

I get these questions often and thought I would make an FAQ for my loves (thats you, if you were wondering) ~~

General About Me:

Q: How old are you?

A: 23

Q: How tall are you?

A: 5’6

Q: What do you study?

A: I’m in Sociology and Sexuality

Q: Where can I see what you look like?

A: Look up! ^^ haha, seriously, check out this page!

Q: How are you so hot?

A: No idea lolllll

Q: Where do you live?

A: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Q: Do you speak French?

A: Yes!

Q: What is your sexuality/sexual orientation?

A: Queer

Q: Are you in a relationship?

A: Yes, here is my partners blog [and tag].


Q: How old were you when realized you were trans?

A: 15. I was going through YouTube and found some videos from an FTM and after 30 seconds of watching, everything in my life made sense. I denied it on and off for months but after a while I just accepted it because its who I am.

Q: When did you start T?

A: June 16, 2010. I went off T June 16, 2011 for 10 months and then went back on.

Q: Why did you go off T?

A: I’m not one to love change and the changes from T were happening too quickly for me so I went off for a while. I’m happy I did because I was able to regain control of my body (mentally) - it was great.

Q: Why did you go back on then?

A: I stopped passing, and that was really not fun and I believed I was ready to go back on. And I am!

Top Surgery

Q: When did you have Top Surgery?

A: May 30, 2013

Q: Where did you get it done and by who?

A: Dr. Charles Garramone in Davie, Florida, USA

Q: Why did you go so far away from home?

A: Ever since I was 16 and knew who Dr. Garramone was, I was set on going to him. So I did.

Q: Where can we see pictures of your chest (and sexy nips)?

A: You can check out these tags! [1, 2, 3, 4].


Q: Where do you go to school?

A: Concordia University

Q: What do you study?

A: Masters in Sociology

Q: What do you specialize in?

A: Trans Studies, Trans Research, Masculinity, Identity, Sexuality, Queer Studies, and so on.

Q: What was your Honours Thesis on?

A: “The Importance of Passing for Queer Transgender Men: Masculinity, Identity and Safety”

Q: Wow! That’s awesome, can I read it?

A: Of course! It’s on my page. If you cannot access it there. Let me know!

Q: What do you plan on doing in the future?

A: I’m planning on doing my PhD after my Masters. Then I want to do more research and teach at the College/ University level.

If you have anymore questions, please let me know!

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Gettin real mad over here js

i thought this said “getting really hard over here js” hahahahaha

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it was a comment on one of my videos lol

Why you so sexy :3

thats literally the third queston i have down haha


My sister took this photo of me today, and I’m really fond of it. This is basically what I look like, instead of my usual “selfies” ;) 

how are you so perf

im working on an FAQ ~ if you have suggestions on the kind of questions i should put up let me know?

❝ Anonymous asked: can you get endless scroll back please?

UGH I KNOW RIGHT I MISS IT im going to work on that tonight lol ive never had a blog without endless scroll - but if i cant fix it then oh well

l o l get a life~