this is perfect. I’m so sick of other vegans (I am vegan) shoving their veganness in other peoples faces. I have vegan privilege, I acknowledge that, I will never shove it in anyones face, its my body I put what I want in it. It’s your body - you do what you want and can with it. simple as that.

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Saturday ; June 23rd, 2012   /   15:40 PM
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    I agree, I don’t see being vegan being a privilege. Anything that helps a person be vegan can be privilege I suppose.
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    THIS^^^ Thank you!
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    There is so such fucking thing as vegan privilege. There is class privilege which can affect one’s ability to be vegan...
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    :I I think if anyone wants to be a Vegan, go right ahead. I don’t choose to be that way, and really I try not to make...
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    How oblivious does someone have to be to say that vegan food is the cheapest? Do people realise that in some places food...
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    I’m sorry, but there is just one thing that bothers me about this. Food Desert means the nearest grocery store with...
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    I don’t understand vegan apologists. I really don’t. So, you must know that animals are tortured, raped, and killed to...