I cut my hair… I don’t think I like it

also my self esteem is shot, and i feel so ugly omg

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Sunday ; August 5th, 2012   /   21:32 PM
tagged: #chaseypoo
  1. accidentally-on-purpose said: I love your haircut SO much. Omgosh!
  2. ellen-degendered said: I love your haircut!! Looks so clean!!
  3. theqstew said: I like the hair cut, yes.
  4. confidencebucket said: It’s cute! I think it’s more dapper than the last one.
  5. solacewishes said: Your hair looks great!
  6. erratictranquility said: I will not hear this. You look sexy. End of story.
  7. finding-alyssa said: You’re gorgeous! : )
  8. juliaseashelleyes said: I think your hair looks great! Lookin’ very handsome!
  9. tyger4n6 said: I like the new haircut. Depends what look you’re going for, but it’s a cool masculine style.
  10. dragonslayer829 said: I think that it looks good.
  11. we-are--god said: I think it looks good!
  12. anarchoace said: I think it looks really good
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