Help me keep Beauty


I have been fostering a cat for over a month and have fallen in love with her. She has been a great support for me in this time of sadness. One of my best friends died on Feb 14 and since then, I have been glued to this cat. 

We are adopting her but the fee $175 and I would really appriciate any help. If you can donate $5, $10 or just share this page I will be forever greatful.

Beauty is a perfect cat and gets along with our other cat (Minou) well. My partner (Zuzia) and I are great ‘parents’ to these cats and will provide them a forever home. We just need a little help (we have money for food and litter, just the adoption fee is a little much for us at the moment).

(the adoption fee is $175 which includes all vaccines and being spayed)

Thank you,


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Monday ; February 17th, 2014   /   22:46 PM
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    I seriously want to thank everyone. I was able to raise all the money thanks to an anon donation. Honestly, this brings...