#nerdalert going to study on a Saturday lol


Impossible to take a secret selfie at the gym lol #firstdayback #feelinggreat (at Downtown YMCA Centre-ville (Montreal))

First day of classes! Zuzia enters her third year and I enter grad school!! Such excite :)

Yearly Ikea trip! (at IKEA)

LOOK AT THIS I CANNOT EVEN BREATH THIS IS SP PERFECT. Please check out @gorillahdoodles because this is the best thing in the world

Minou was like “stop” #catsofinsta #catsofig


I made mashed potatoes lol #imsougly

The usual

We went on top of the mountain today


With some cuties

Before and after lol I have blue hair now?? What am I doing with me life

We are beauty at Montreal Trans* March ~